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    LTV Analysis

    We Do LTV.

    Understand the value of your customers over any timeframe, promotion or SKU. LTV/CAC insights for the modern DTC Brand.

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    What we do

    Scaling your DTC brand is harder than ever. Costs to advertise have risen. Your back-end needs to work harder. Organising and interpreting complex customer cohorts isn’t a job for plug and play apps or Google Sheets. That’s where we come in.

    Senior Paid media Exec and Senior growth manager


    Track and plan for profit.

    You can make smart business decisions when you understand the true value of your customers. Our LTV models give you an accurate view of past, current and future customers so you can grow your business more profitably.

    Creative Lead and Creative Strategy Lead talking to team


    Predict customer revenue uplift.

    If assessing past performance is good, predicting the future is great. Our LTV models give you accurate forecasts on the future value of your customers, across any timeframe. See the money your customers are yet to spend with you, and plan for it.

    Head of Growth engaged in meeting


    Easily spot trends. Pivot strategy.

    Clearly see the impact that tactical changes to product, promotion or price are having on your LTV. Instantly spot whether you’ve improved your profitability, are on course or underperforming. Pivot on the fly.

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    Scale with confidence.

    Remove the guessing game. Deeply understand the value your customers have, are and will bring you. Invest in your advertising spend safe in the knowledge you’re growing your business profitably.

    What our clients say
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    What our clients say

    BARK has been imperative to us gaining an understanding of how to respond to what's happening around us in the smartest way and use that insight to unlock levels of growth that we hadn't dared to dream about. All the team are so agile, responsive and accommodating to where we are as a business.

    Mona El-Saytari

    I have been working with the team at BARK for over a year now on the performance marketing side. The team has helped us to grow our business by over 100%. The team is really knowledgeable, provide weekly insights and are also super passionate about our brand. They always go the extra mile. Can definitely recommend working with them.

    Ralph Strampfer,

    Fab team to work with and have had great success scaling our business over the last 6 months!

    The Stem

    BARK are an incredible agency. One of the rare few that's combined excellent client service with excellent results. They are so good to work with two of my brands work with BARK. They're a first rate team and got us to marketing profitability in less than a month. I have and will continue to recommend to all. They will get you results.

    Jacob Green,

    Tom and the team at BARK have been incredible to work with. They grew out business x10 in 12 months and 90% our marketing budget was spent with them. Very responsive, will go the extra mile and see the bigger picture. Highly recommend to anyone looking to scale fast from the start.

    Tom Whittle,

    How to scale into peak season.

    Download our deck on how to maximise your revenue during peak season.

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