Bark came in to support us through a transition period and added so much value from a management, structure and performance perspective. It resulted in significant improvement in both our results and our process, providing a good foundation for our global acquisition growth.
Sam Vinden, Marketing Lead

The Situation

Thread is disrupting the online clothing industry, by providing a free personal styling service and online ordering to save you time when updating your wardrobe. By tailoring their site to suit your style, and offering personalised recommendations every week across more than 700 brands, they take the hard work out of online shopping.

Initially focusing on UK menswear, they have expanded to the US and recently launched womenswear, to cement themselves as the one stop shop for all your clothing needs.

The brief

Thread was in a transition period, and came to Bark.London to help continue scaling through Facebook, and support with the important upcoming womenswear launch.

The goal was to maintain their profitability, in a very competitive industry, continue to test and learn to gain efficiencies in order to scale further, and launch the womenswear arm of the business on paid social.

The approach

Firstly, we ran a full audit of the current set up to find quick wins and strategic changes to improve efficiency of the account. We then worked with Thread on improving the process of testing creatives and reporting back on results, to fuel the next round of testing.

Once we had established a well oiled testing machine, we then looked to consolidate the campaigns to drive further efficiency through Facebook’s algorithm.

The Results

190% YoY increase in revenue maintaining the same ROAS.

Successful international launch of womenswear, on par with menswear performance.


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