We were excited to partner with BARK as we were looking for an agency that had experience working with DTC and subscription brands that were scaling fast.

Their audit unveiled numerous untapped opportunities and when instructed they were able to quickly implement a tight and focussed performance marketing strategy across Facebook and Google that went above and beyond our expectations.

Ultimately, they helped us to significantly scale spend in line with our targets and meet our ambitious growth goals. I would highly recommend them!
Henry Allan, General Manager


hims & hers is a US based telehealth company specialising in wellness and personal care. They are best known for their ED and hair loss treatments for men.

The business first launched in the US in November 2017, taking in $1m (£760m) in sales in the first week, before going on to post consistent 20% month on month growth, reaching $100m in annual revenue within two years.

They raised a further $100m in funding at a valuation of over $1bn in order to fuel growth in the US and expansion to the UK and Western Europe.

Before working with BARK, they had struggled to gain traction in the UK market due to the high level of competition and lack of brand recognition, but were eager to scale aggressively in order to make the UK business at least 15% of their global revenue.

The Brief

BARK were brought in to manage hims’ Facebook and Google marketing spend with the primary goal of scaling spend aggressively whilst maintaining their target CPA.

hims faces stiff competition from brands such as Manual, Numan and Sons in the UK, many of whom were also scaling fast, so the race was on to acquire customers quickly through best-in-class performance marketing.

The Approach

Following our initial audit, there were clear opportunities to improve marketing performance by restructuring their ad accounts to take a broader approach to targeting, allowing them to increase performance at scale in a short period of time.

The hims business is focussed on making their two core products, hair loss and ED treatments, profitable, so we focussed on consistently scaling spend whilst maintaining our target blended CPA for each product.

By focussing on improving the CTR of our creative, our targeting across Facebook and Google, and the conversion rate of the landing pages through consistent offer testing and pricing analysis factoring in customer LTV, we were able to drive some impressive growth.

After hims appointed BARK in September 2020, we increased Facebook budget for hair products 150% with a 45% reduction in CPA over 2021 and 2022. Across the whole partnership with BARK, hims’ monthly budget for Facebook ads has so far increased 4x.

The BARK team also played a key role in ensuring the maximum number of signals were being passed back to the marketing platforms by helping them implement a best-in-class conversions API integration to improve the match rate across all of their on-site events.

This had a significant impact on performance by providing more data for optimisation and reporting, driving a 38% reduction in week on week Facebook CPA when it was rolled out. This set the foundations for scaling the hair side of the business by 3x over the next few months.

The Results

4x increase in digital spend

45% reduction in Facebook CPA

3x increase in revenue year 1

5x increase in revenue years 2-3


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