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    Data Management Agency

    We Do Data.

    Data Science for the modern DTC brand. Answer the difficult data questions for your high-growth brand. Scale without delay.

    Head of Data Science explaining to team

    What we do

    Scaling your DTC brand is harder than ever. It’s not clear where your customers actually came from. You can’t trust ad platform results. Organising and interpreting complex customer data isn’t a job for Google Sheets. That’s where we come in.

    New Business and Marketing Lead collaborating with Data Executive


    Get a modern insights platform.

    We built the software we always wanted, bark.insights, so we can answer the big questions for our clients in an instant. Grow fast, with a first-in-kind platform for the modern DTC brand. It’s tech for the fastest scaling brands, by the people behind the fastest scaling brands.

    Head of Data speaking to Senior Paid media Exec


    Consolidate your data & reporting

    Centralise your data from all your different sources like Google Ads, Meta Ads, YouTube, Pinterest, Shopify, WooCommerce and more. Visualise everything in one place in a useful way. Goodbye messy spreadsheets, hello clarity.

    Team catchup


    Answer your big growth questions instantly.

    Most brands struggle to scale because of complex data questions. Answering these questions, and others like them, is what we do best.

    Co-founder engaged in meeting


    Grow fast. Grow profitably.

    Alongside being a Campaign Management Partner, we’re accredited by Meta as an official Measurement Partner. That means we’re one of just 6 companies globally who are concurrently endorsed by the world’s most accomplished data science team for our data science work. Get actionable insights you can trust to grow your business.

    What our clients say
    Chillys bottles
    Just bee honey on toast
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    What our clients say

    Great working with the Bark.London team on refining our performance marketing strategy at Chilly’s. It's a core part of our full funnel approach – always tailoring and adapting our content for success. Looking forward to 2024 and bringing in fresh ideas to stay ahead of the game.

    Leah Sheridan,

    I have worked with the team at BARK for the past 18 months, in which time they have helped us treble the size of our online business. I think the team are fantastic and the results that they have helped deliver speak for themselves! We have received support from them with our Meta and Google Ads. Excellent service, very helpful, great people to deal with and most importantly, they deliver results!

    Andrew Sugden,
    Just Bee Honey

    We’ve been working with Bark for almost 5 months now and have been really impressed. The entire team are really knowledgable across Meta, Search and Tiktok. The team are really well organised, agile and quick to respond too which makes working with them so easy. Would highly recommend if you’re looking for a strong digital Growth agency!

    Siobhan North,
    Lions Prep

    We’ve worked with Bark from the early days and have always valued their insight, expertise and creativity.

    Ned Corbett-Winder,
    Not-Another-Bill & Bespokely

    BARK has been imperative to us gaining an understanding of how to respond to what's happening around us in the smartest way and use that insight to unlock levels of growth that we hadn't dared to dream about. All the team are so agile, responsive and accommodating to where we are as a business.

    Mona El-Saytari

    I have been working with the team at BARK for over a year now on the performance marketing side. The team has helped us to grow our business by over 100%. The team is really knowledgeable, provide weekly insights and are also super passionate about our brand. They always go the extra mile. Can definitely recommend working with them.

    Ralph Strampfer,

    Fab team to work with and have had great success scaling our business over the last 6 months!

    The Stem

    Helped us for a set 9 month period when we needed support scaling and had great results for ROAS and growth.

    Brilliant team to work with.

    Sam Vinden,
    New Business and Marketing Lead collaborating with Data Executive


    Frequently asked questions.

    How have you helped a brand like mine grow before?

    We have deep data & analytics experience in Fashion, FMCG, SAAS, Pet care, Health & Fitness, Home decor & furniture, Jewellery & accessories, Personal care, Beauty, Subscriptions, Home office equipment and more. Each brand is unique with its own set of challenges – yours is no different. Be it Next-Gen Media Mix Modelling, LTV analysis, diminishing return or data warehouse management, importantly we have built a team that understands eCommerce on a fundamental level, one that knows the right questions to ask to unlock the right growth levers to pull at each stage of expansion.

    What are the typical data-led questions you answer for brands?
    • “Which channels drive the most value for us, and are scalable?”
    • “How much can I spend in peak season, or business-as-usual periods, to maximise profits/new customers acquired/revenue growth?”
    • “How much can I spend to acquire a customer based on my desired LTV payback?”
    What makes you different?
    1. We own and run our own mid-sized eCommerce brands, so understand how to overcome the challenges you’re facing across the business from diminishing returns, insight-led reporting, payback windows and more.
    2. We have a relentless focus on hiring and empowering the best talent: the barometer is “would we trust them implicitly with our own money on our own brands”.
    3. Our track record: last year alone, every brand we led for more than 6 months saw an average of +48% YoY growth.

    How to scale into peak season.

    Download our deck on how to maximise your revenue during peak season.

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