Bark have been our agency for all Facebook advertising and helped steer us through a huge growth period. Without Bark we wouldn't be the scale of business we are today. They've always acted with integrity, determination and intelligence - great partners to have when looking to scale fast and efficiently.
Mark Paterson, Marketing Director

The Situation

Over a third of all the food we produce gets wasted. If food waste was a country, it’d be the third biggest emitter of greenhouse gases.

ODDBOX work closely with farmers across the UK (& from abroad), rescuing fresh, seasonal surplus fruit & veg which are at risk of becoming food waste. With every box Londoners reduce food waste, save CO2 and water.

ODDBOX is London’s Highest Rated Veg Box and when we began working together delivered seasonal fruit & veg boxes to around 10,000 mindful homes in London.

The Brief

ODDBOX made the decision to move their Facebook Ads function to Bark.London in order to start rapidly scaling their business via their performance marketing channels.

The ODDBOX team saw that paid advertising on Facebook had real potential for the business but had been unable to unlock that potential with previous strategic and delivery partners.

The goal when we started in December 2019 was to meet their very ambitious subscriber weekly subscriber targets within their allocated marketing budget. A tall order, but a challenge we were up for.

The Approach

With our targeting restricted to specific London postcodes it was an interesting challenge.

We did an audit of previous activity to understand what was working in the current set, what could be improved and what hadn’t been tested yet.

We changed targeting to maximise our reach in the London postcodes we could deliver to, introduced new creative and tested a wide range of copy in order to maximise efficiency and really speak to our target customer’s needs.

In order to maintain performance on Facebook for the long term, we developed an ongoing creative testing and optimisation process to improve click through rates across the account, whilst improving the efficiency, engagement and acquisition costs from our ads.

The Results

1000s of new subscribing customers

Scaled Spend into £X00,000s per month inside target CAC

1 million boxes sold

5.8 million tonnes of fruit and veg saved

Enabled successful expansion out of London to the wider UK population


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