Hims: Advanced LTV Analysis and Forecasting

Hims: Advanced LTV Analysis and Forecasting

What are Advanced LTV Insights

A clear understanding of customer LTV is vital if you want to be acquiring customers at the optimal rate for your business KPI.

Our LTV insight projects can go as macro or granular as you’d like. Common questions we answer are:

> Am I better off discounting or not?

> What product should I promote for customer acquisition in order to maximise revenue over X period of time?

> What’s the optimal price point/strategy for my product(s)?

…and so on.

Advanced LTV insights allow you to:

Get clarity on optimal promotional strategy.

> Given your business objectives, dial back advertising investment if it transpires you are overspending and wasting budget being too aggressive on acquisition; or increase investment if you’re under acquiring customers and leaving money on the table.

> Plan and track for profit, with custom insights into product groups/ offers/ subscription packages.

> Proactively change your acquisition strategy on the fly if recent cohorts are not trending as expected.

LTV Analysis for hims

hims operate in a highly competitive market with multiple competitors running aggressive pricing strategies. They needed to set a competitive pricing strategy to remain in business, but balance acquisition costs and achieve a specific LTV:CAC target within a set payback window.

We comprehensively analysed their data and ran various models to forecast the optimal pricing strategy to achieve their LTV:CAC targets at the required scale. Recommendations were implemented, playing a huge part in enabling us to rapidly reduce CAC, scale spend and hit their targets.


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