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    Piglet in Bed

    Piglet in Bed are makers of high quality linen, sleepwear and homewares.


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    Piglet in Bed

    The Situation

    Piglet in Bed is an eco-friendly bedding and sleepwear company that provide products that not only look great, but are made to last.

    Started in 2017 by Jessica Hanley, Piglet in Bed has grown significantly prior and during the 2020 pandemic, as a primarily direct to customer business in the U.K. and U.S.

    First and foremost, Piglet in Bed believe that your home needs to be made for living. Their products reflect their love for no-fuss, comfortable and effortlessly beautiful living. Their bed linen is made from 100%  stonewashed linen, a breathable and comfortable natural material that gets softer with every wash. To complement the bed linen for which the brand has become synonymous, Piglet in Bed also make 100% linen sleepwear and homeware.

    The Brief

    Piglet needed specialist support managing and scaling through Facebook, so they could continue to grow the business further and internationally through their primary discovery channel.

    They had some big targets, so their goal was to put a specialist high-growth eCommerce team in place in order to scale and meet their 2021 and 2022 growth numbers.

    The Approach

    Firstly, we ran some data analysis which enabled Piglet to improve the way they’d been looking at measuring performance. With the changes brought about by iOS 14.5, a more holistic view was taken, with our analysis showing that there was clear room to scale within the target ROAS Piglet wanted to achieve.

    We then ran an audit of the account to find opportunities to improve efficiency, and implemented a consolidated cross-border strategy for their international markets to make management and testing processes more streamlined.

    Getting regular and significant creative tests running was key to make sure the quality of Piglet’s products was mirrored in the ads whilst driving performance at scale. We began a process of briefing and creating images and videos both via BARK’s specialist eCommerce creative team and in conjunction with Piglet’s in-house designers in order to test, learn and scale their business globally.

    The Results

    Scaled Spend YoY within the Target ROAS.