We’re run by a team who’ve led the in-house growth for some of Europe’s largest DTC businesses like Just Eat, Simba Sleep, Mahabis and Wonderbly. We have a proven track record for scaling mid-large sized brands.


Scaling your DTC brand is harder than ever. You’ve got product market fit but as you scale new issues arise: performance issues; creative issues; data issues. So we’ve assembled the combination of skills that enable the modern DTC brand to quickly scale. Our integrated service gives you direct access to all the specialist resources you’ll need on your growth journey.


Centralise the strategy and management of your Paid Social and Paid Search channels.


Get all the creative you need, exactly when you need it. Delight both Performance and Brand teams.


Get insights that give you clarity from a data science team with over a decade of performance marketing experience.


Get a team that integrates with yours.

Our clients benefit from a dedicated growth team offering as close to an in-house experience as possible, receiving 7 dedicated specialists at all times, plus supplementary support.

Our team operates in a pod structure, with three members of our leadership team (10+ years’ experience), two seniors (4-6 years’ DTC eCommerce experience), and two juniors (1-3 years’ experience).

We strive to feel like an extension of your team, with our goal to grow your business in the right way.


Get all the content you need, exactly when you need it.

Whether you’re looking to drive immediate revenue uplift or improve brand perception, we can help. Our team of producers, strategists and designers ensure you get creative that hits the mark, every time. It’s creative built for high-growth DTCs, from the ground up.

Delight both performance and brand teams alike. More info here.


Get data insights that give you clarity.

Our Data team is specialised in answering complex questions that are specific to DTC businesses, such as:

> Which channels drive the most value and are scalable? (Next-Gen Media Mix Modelling)

> How much can I profitably spend in peak season / BAU? (Budget forecasting, offer strategy)

> How much can I spend to acquire a customer based on my LTV? (Advanced Lifetime Value Analysis)


Join the fastest growing DTC brands with Bark.London

> hims +500% growth
> Patch Plants +71% growth
> Create Academy +51% growth
> Lightyear +112% growth
> Pom Pom London +750% growth
> Piglet in Bed +168% growth


Benefits of working with BARK.

> We understand your challenges beyond just ads.
Whether it’s CRO, offer optimisation, stock forecasting, site merchandising, creative production, supplementary channel integration or more, we’ve been there.

> Depth of DTC eCommerce industry knowledge.
We have access to vast amounts of data across our client portfolio of 25+ eCommerce brands and know what’s working right now on paid social & search.

> Dependable strategic advice.
We’ve likely experienced your current and future growth challenges, either whilst in-house or across our brand portfolio, and can help you plan for, manage and mitigate against their impact.

> World class client services.
We understand what it’s like to be in-house working with an agency and what really matters most. We always shoot straight, give you all the info you need and are proactive in sharing plans to continuously improve performance.


Google & Meta Partners.

We have access to top tier support, dedicated account management, priority issue resolution, 1-1 consultations with auction, creative and data teams, as well as advertising credits and more for our client partners. Alongside being a Campaign Management Partner, we’re accredited by Meta as an official Measurement Partner. That means we’re one of just 6 companies globally who are concurrently endorsed by the world’s most accomplished data science team for our data science work. Get actionable insights you can trust to grow your business.

Some businesses we work with (and have worked at)

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  • Paid Social & Paid Search
    Performance management has changed. Ad platforms are evolving faster than ever. Signal loss is real. Making informed decisions is both art and science. That's where we come in. Centralise the strategy and management of your Paid Social and Paid Search channels.
  • Creative
    Effective content strategy changes frequently. It’s difficult to keep up with the volume you require. Getting ad creative your entire business loves is nearly impossible. That’s where we come in. Get all the content you need, exactly when you need it.
  • Data Science
    It’s not clear where your customers actually came from. You can’t trust ad platform results. Organising and interpreting complex customer data isn’t a job for Google Sheets. That’s where we come in. Get insights that give you clarity, from a data science team with over a decade of performance marketing experience.