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    Google Ads Agency London

    We Do Google Ads.

    Implement a strategy on Google Ads that balances performance and control to deliver incremental growth.

    Junior Creative collaborating with paid media managers

    What we do

    Our team has over a decade of experience managing Google Ads for eCommerce businesses, including a number of household names.


    Despite Google being a mature channel, we’ve consistently been able to unlock further profitable growth from the channel for our partners by making use of the latest strategies and automated tools.

    Team catchup

    How we do it

    Performance and Control

    At the core of our strategy is balancing the interests of our partners with the optimal technical setup for driving the best results from Google Ads.

    We look to maintain control of where ads appear and which products we are promoting, whilst increasing the incremental value of our partner’s spend through non-brand search terms, enabling them to unlock further profitable growth from the channel.

    Head of Data speaking to Senior Paid media Exec

    How we do it

    Data & Feed Optimisation

    At the core of an effective Google Ads strategy is having a quality data flow from your website and eCommerce store through to the ad account, providing the system with enough data to optimise effectively.


    When we onboard a new partner we conduct a thorough data audit and work with your eCommerce team to ensure we are providing Google with the signals it needs to find you new customers as efficiently as possible.

    Paid Media Manager collaborating with Creative Strategy team

    How we do it


    Gone are the days of a granular account structure and manual bid changes. We find that many businesses are held back by a dated account structure which limits the ability of Google’s bid strategies to optimise towards the users who are most likely to convert.

    Our strategy is built on the key principle of consolidation, where we provide Google’s system with the flexibility it needs to optimise your bids in real-time whilst ensuring we still maintain an appropriate level of control.

    Senior Paid Media manager collaborating Creative Lead

    How we do it


    With a consolidated structure in place and an efficient data flow, we work with our partners to optimise the Google account towards acquiring new customers. This involves reducing our reliance on branded search terms and focussing our efforts on driving conversions from non brand activity from search, shopping and Performance max campaigns.

    By implementing this approach for our partners, we have been able to double the ROAS of non-brand search campaigns at the same level of spend. Check out the case study for Free Soul below.


    Frequently asked questions.

    How much does an agency charge for Google Ads?

    What an agency charges is the true cost of the time time takes to deliver the work that you need to get the results you want. In the case of Google Ads, an agency will charge you based on the complexity of your ad account, based on the number of markets, products and size of budget. The more complex the project, the higher the fee, but usually a good agency will pay for itself by improving the efficiency of your marketing spend.

    What our clients say
    Chillys bottles
    Four Cans of DASH water
    Pom Pom London bag
    Lions prep meal and box
    Hands holding Myota bag

    What our clients say

    Great working with the Bark.London team on refining our performance marketing strategy at Chilly’s. It's a core part of our full funnel approach – always tailoring and adapting our content for success. Looking forward to 2024 and bringing in fresh ideas to stay ahead of the game.

    Leah Sheridan,

    The team are consistently testing, giving clear weekly updates on results and being proactive with creative strategy, which makes working with them extremely efficient, and the results we are achieving reflect that.

    Holly Crossley,
    DASH Water

    BARK aren't just the best ad-buyers we've ever come across, they understand the full DTC eCommerce picture across creative and data too, which has been the missing piece. Our sales have grown exponentially since starting with Bark and as a business we're achieving rapid, consistent and sustainable growth for the brand. I can't recommend the team highly enough.

    Ben Boon,
    James Cromwell London & Pom Pom London

    We’ve been working with Bark for almost 5 months now and have been really impressed. The entire team are really knowledgable across Meta, Search and Tiktok. The team are really well organised, agile and quick to respond too which makes working with them so easy. Would highly recommend if you’re looking for a strong digital Growth agency!

    Siobhan North,
    Lions Prep

    BARK get into the detail around our products, customer journey, margin profile etc in order to try and come up with winning growth strategies and ways to improve metrics across the board. It makes all the difference to know we have a supportive partner with thorough reporting, who are really responsive and enjoyable to work with.

    Katherine Stennett ,

    We’ve worked with Bark from the early days and have always valued their insight, expertise and creativity.

    Ned Corbett-Winder,
    Not-Another-Bill & Bespokely

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