Paid Social Management

We take care of every aspect of your Facebook and Instagram advertising, from strategy and budget management to hands-on delivery, optimisation, reporting and creative analysis. Your performance and profit is our day-to-day priority.


Managing a Successful Campaign.

Below we break down the process we go through to help our clients acquire customers profitably on Facebook.


Initial Audit

Before we build out any campaigns for our clients, it’s crucial for us to extract any learnings we can from your previous advertising.

We will request access to your Shopify, Google Analytics and Facebook ad account so that we can do a thorough analysis of how your website or app performs and how effective your previous campaigns have been.

We will then be able to identify any quick wins for us to capitalize on in the initial launch, as well as any areas for improvement in the long term, such as creative messaging and website conversion rate.


Strategy Call

Once we’ve done the initial audit, we have an onboarding call with our clients to kick off the relationship and share any insights we have gained from the initial audit of their previous advertising.

This is an opportunity for both parties to really understand how we will work together, what the key objectives are and what success looks like in the long term.


Audience and Creative Testing

Testing is an ongoing process in Facebook advertising. When we launch the first campaigns, we aim to learn which audiences and creative drive the best results as fast as possible.

In this early stage, we often leverage Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Optimisation to maximise the efficiency and breadth of our creative testing, so that we can quickly understand what combination of copy and creative drives the best quality traffic.



We try to make understanding why performance is trending up or down as easy as possible for both our Paid Media Managers and our clients.

By building out a bespoke dashboard for every business we work with, we are able to understand at a glance how performance was yesterday and which ads and audiences are driving the value.



Optimisation is an ongoing process. We look at the performance of our clients advertising on a daily basis, adjusting budgets, audiences, creative and bidding strategies in order to maintain the best performance possible across the Facebook and Google ad networks.


Looking for Results?

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