Google Ads Management

With over a decade of experience managing the search advertising for some of the UK’s biggest direct to consumer brands, we combine our knowledge of how to make a tangible impact on a businesses revenue with best-in-class PPC management.

We will fully manage your search advertising strategy across Google and Microsoft, running your campaigns with the goal of maximising the profitability and scale of your ad budget.



We will do a deep dive into your existing PPC advertising and identify any areas for improvement in terms of strategy and set up.

Once we know what’s working and what’s not, we can build out new campaigns and optimise your bid strategies and targeting in order to get you the most bang for your buck.


Search Advertising

Initial campaign builds are only the beginning. We’ll regularly sift through your search terms to find out what users are actually searching for, and continuously refine your targeting, and provide insights to help with other channels.

We’ll also constantly test ad copy, to statistical significance of course, so that we’re always finding the perfect messaging for your future customers.


Google Shopping

Feeds are critical for optimal performance, so we’ll dive in and make sure that it’s comprehensive enough so that Google can understand where best to serve ads.

Similar to Search, this is regularly reviewed, and we’ll use insights from Search, to incorporate into the feed, so that we’re adapting to market trends.



Key to YouTube, is correct measurement and analysis of performance. We’ll set up the correct tracking so that we’re not only engaging and informing users, but driving meaningful traffic to your site.

Using previous performance and Facebook insights, we’ll develop a test and learn plan for creatives, based on how aware they are with your brand.


Microsoft Advertising

The ugly sister of search. Sure they copy Google, and somehow do everything slightly worse, a year later, but it’s still an important part of the channel mix.

We’ll sync up your Google accounts to Microsoft ads, so that your keyword coverage is just as strong, but we’ll optimise bids and ad copy separately, as the demographic and behaviour of users can be very different.


Ongoing Optimisation

Search ads are like house work – you need to keep on top of the chores on a regular basis, or things get messy. Here are just a few of our chores:

> We utilise machine learning to optimise bids, and manage budgets on a daily basis so that your money is spent efficiently.

> We’ll keep on top of negative keywords to make sure you’re not wasting money, and add new keywords to make sure your coverage is optimal.

> Testing ad copy is vital so that we’re not only as relevant as possible, but trying to stand out from the crowd, and increase your share of the click pie.