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    How we created 144 paid social assets from one shoot.

    Gorillas exists to create a world with immediate access to your needs.


    Performance Creative
    Content Shoots




    The Work

    Since launching in London in 2021, Gorillas has achieved impressive scale and gained significant traction, especially with younger demographics in the UK. To continue fuelling their growth, they needed a consistent pipeline of high-performing ad creative.

    This was particularly important going into Q4, when Gorillas had identified that their young affluent/older affluent and family-based customers were key audiences driving higher average order value (AOV) and long-term commercial value via repeat purchase; acquiring more of these type of customers was a strategic opportunity that needed to be addressed, in part through performance marketing.

    This is where the brand ran into a couple of challenges:

    1. How can content that would appeal to these key demographics be created at scale?
    2. How can content be tailored to their performance marketing channels specifically, rather than relying on brand assets?

    The answer? Leverage a specialist direct-response, paid advertising creative team. Together, we’ve been working with their brand and performance teams to both repurpose existing assets and shoot net-new concepts for Gorillas. We’ve combined brand videos and product shots with motion graphics and animations to produce a significant volume of new paid advertising content that’s strategically designed to simultaneously build brand whilst driving purchases from these key target audiences throughout the year.

    It’s important for us to be able to create high performing content that’s tailored to our strategic business objectives quickly and at scale; so working with BARK is a no-brainer. They understand everything from effective creative strategy through to data-led asset localisation, and ultimately create content that builds brand and drives business outcomes. The team are a pleasure to work with, professional and engaged, and produced specialist performance assets that we’re really happy with.

    George Edgar


    Senior Brand Marketing Manager

    The Situation

    Gorillas is a food delivery service that launched into the market mid-pandemic in May 2020 and has since expanded its reach across 45 cities within seven countries. After a successful launch in the UK in March 2021, Gorillas delivered over eight million products to consumers around the country, with the promise of delivering their groceries within minutes.

    Gorillas is on a mission to change grocery shopping and want it to be radically faster and more convenient without sacrificing price or selection through their app.

    Gorillas came to BARK with the objective of repurposing existing raw video assets to create a series of video ads for Meta to improve their paid social performance, rather than trying to reuse their pure brand-led assets from other areas of marketing.

    Going into Q4, they wanted to attract people in their 30s and those with families to look to Gorillas to satisfy their weekly shopping needs by positioning themselves as the go-to convenient solution for key grocery items. They had three objectives; drive higher AOV (average order value), increase order frequency and stabilise consumer retention.

    Video Content

    Whilst Gorillas already had good raw video content for us to work with – showing their product and talking about their service – the missing piece was translating this into an effective paid advertising strategy: understanding what angles to test, and bringing the footage to life with motion graphics and animations. Essentially, turning strong branded content into high performing, relevant ad content.

    We were able to turn these around very quickly, and inject a much needed new bank of performance-first assets into the ad account, blending social proof, clear ‘reasons to believe’ and highlighting their offer in line with their promotion strategy, all in short attention-grabbing videos.

    These were thoroughly tested, analysed and iterated on month to month.

    Gorillas UGC ads

    Production Shoot

    Off the back of the success of the repurposing assets, when it came to creating net-new content Gorillas wanted to shoot with performance marketing in mind specifically this time.

    We targeted three main demographics with our content (young 35-44 affluent, family affluent, middle-aged 45+ affluent), using groceries from the two most relevant categories that Gorillas wanted to promote. We planned and storyboarded the shots that we felt would be effective for each target audience within the context of performance marketing, including worktop design, props and food combinations, before sharing our vision with Gorillas to align and sign off.

    The execution comprised of a one day shoot that enabled us to generate a significant volume of performance assets at scale, within a short timeframe while remaining mindful of budget. This shoot in particular had a heavy focus on stop-motion animation, and we were able to create a multitude of still and moving assets per demographic to remain hyper relevant.

    When shooting content, it’s important that the whole scene is cohesive, even if only subconsciously in the prospects mind. To achieve this, we not only factored in the combination of groceries on-set but also what backgrounds and products would most likely resonate with each audience.


    Baby Product Category

    In this instance we opted for a terrazzo worktop, props like towels and baby items alongside the Gorillas bag to build brand recognition. Add in succinct copy that’s relevant to the target demographic – “Baby stuff when you need it” – eye catching stop-motion and a direct CTA and you have a clear, high performing piece of ad creative.

    Ad for Gorillas Baby products

    Bakery Product Category

    In this shot we have a wooden worktop with commonly ordered breakfast items to appeal more to families who come to rely on Gorillas to fuel their mornings together without the hassle. Alongside the food items you again have props like chopping boards and the Gorillas bag for brand visibility. It may seem menial but the whole picture comes together to create a cohesive message, without any jarring or questions in the prospects’ mind – crucial if you want to entice purchase behaviour.

    Ad for Gorillas bakery products


    Gone are the days where you could get away with low-volume, lacklustre creative in your paid ad accounts.

    The most successful, fastest growing businesses all have a consistent pipeline of high-quality, strategically designed performance creative to fuel their paid advertising, whether that’s high-production value content or a more curated low-fi style.

    Once the strategic and supply blockers for creative are removed, the focus then becomes on implementing a rigorous test and learn process, feeding back results that help inform the next batch of creative output whilst enabling the highest performing content to be quickly iterated on.

    There are a lot of moving parts and it’s a tall order to execute well at any sort of scale, but it’s vital you master it if you want your performance marketing to properly drive your business’ growth potential.

    If you’d like help with content ideation, strategy, shoots, specialist asset production and implementing a thorough test program to do just that, get in touch.

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