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    Scaling tonies with a creative-first strategy.

    Child with tonies box

    tonies is the creator of the screen-free audio player, Toniebox, designed for children


    Creative Strategy
    Performance Creative
    Paid Media




    +277% growth, -68% CAC




    The Situation

    Creative is one of the most important growth levers for DTC brands, especially on Paid Social channels. With tonies, we’ve worked hard to maximise sales in the key gifting periods, especially Black Friday and Christmas, through the power of creative.

    Our partnership with tonies, the creator of the innovative Toniebox, a screen-free audio player designed for children, has yielded remarkable growth. Notably, leading up to the last Black Friday, we witnessed a 167% increase in purchases, with a total of 9,000 purchases attributed to Meta. Additionally, during the Black Friday period in the UK, tonies’ total revenue experienced a remarkable 277% year-on-year growth, indicating a substantial increase in their overall earnings.

    In this case study, we’ll delve into how we successfully scaled tonies’ account with a direct-response creative strategy, that used valuable insights from their off-season campaigns to inform the creative we developed for peak season.


    child playing with tonies


    With increased consumer demand during key periods, we were confident in our ability to maximise tonies’ visibility and drive sales. Throughout the year, tonies’ creative strategy evolved to align with seasonality, tailoring promotions and messaging to align with each season, ensuring tonies’ marketing approach remained relevant and impactful.

    During the summer season, we focused on showcasing children enjoying using their Tonies while travelling. This resonated well with families in search of entertainment options during their holidays, effectively showcasing the portability and versatility of tonies’ products.

    As winter approached, it was crucial for us to capitalise on the immense potential of Black Friday and Christmas. So we devised a comprehensive creative plan featuring around 20 Black Friday assets, including videos and images. These assets were strategically deployed across Meta and Google’s suite of apps, allowing us to reach a wider audience and effectively engage our target market.

    Evolution Of Creative Strategies: From Initial Briefs To Present

    tonies’ creative journey has evolved significantly since our partnership began. We started by developing a clear understanding of their brand identity, target audience, and messaging heirarchy. Subsequently, we explored a wide range of creative variations, angles, and messaging approaches that would enable us to speak to different types of prospective customers.

    We ran multiple tests including the design style and messaging for our custom bundle, and tested different hooks on our UGC ads that appealed to different core reasons customers buy. These tests allowed us to gather valuable insights and identify the best-performing messaging, standing us in good stead when we needed to ramp up and make the most of the key holidays.

    We also tested similar messaging themes on dynamic product ad (DPA) frames for past purchasers. These themes included screen time, bedtime, and the range of tonies available. By experimenting with different messaging variations, we were able to really stand out in the feed and help nudge existing customers back into the fold on very low spend.

    tonies ad moana

    Testing And Refining: Gathering Valuable Insights

    By analysing the results from our campaigns and customer behaviour, we identified best practices and continually refined our approach, implementing changes and optimisations to every creative brief. This iterative approach allowed us to create highly effective creative assets every month that resonated with tonies’ target audience, enabling us to scale profitably.

    The results of our creative testing and refinements were particularly notable on Meta, where we observed a significant improvement in all metrics. The cost per Toniebox (CPT) on Meta dropped by an impressive 68%, showing just how effective a consistent creative strategy can be for increasing the efficiency of your Meta campaigns.

    Analysis Of Successful Creatives

    One standout performer was the bundle video collection, driving the highest spending and achieving the best Cost per Toniebox (CPT) at scale. This ad effectively communicated the value of tonies’ product bundles, capturing the audience’s attention with eye-catching motion graphics. Pairing this with the product feed showcasing tonies’ range of products meant that the ad both built brand and drove results for the business.

    We also discovered that UGC ads featuring children interacting physically with the Toniebox performed exceptionally well. Highlighting key selling points such as the “screen-free experience” and being “the best gift ever” generated great business results and positive engagement.

    Over time, insights like these were incorporated into the overall style and approach for future ads, whether they were stills, videos, or short GIFs, resulting in improved performance.

    tonies’ Learnings And Strategy For Future Campaigns

    tonies’ creative strategy and the insights gained from their campaigns provide valuable guidance for future work. Here are some key things to consider when crafting your creative:

    1. Focus on creative diversity: Different creatives work for different people. Emphasise variety in visuals and messaging to cater to different customer segments and effectively capture their attention.
    2. Showcase Bundles: Bundles consistently delivered strong results for tonies. Highlight the value and convenience of bundled offerings to encourage higher average order value whilst maintaining your target ROAS.
    3. Prominent Offer Placement: Place the offer front and centre in ad creatives to ensure it catches the audience’s attention and creates a sense of urgency.
    4. Focus on Launch Day: Allocate higher budgets and intensify efforts on the launch day of campaigns. Consumer behaviour indicates that launch days tend to yield the best performance, with higher conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs.
    5. Utilise Product Catalogue Ads: We leveraged ads directly connected to the product catalogue to showcase the range of tonies’ offerings and simplify the customer journey, ultimately driving higher conversions.

    The Result

    tonies exemplify how a combination of creative strategy, data-driven insights, and continuous optimisation can drive remarkable growth for e-commerce brands.

    The insights gained from campaigns like these show that, now more than ever, implementing a high-volume creative testing approach is crucial for modern DTC brands to stay ahead.

    Get in touch with us via the form below if you’d like help with your creative.

    The Results

    YoY Revenue Growth


    Drop in Cost per Toniebox on Meta