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    New Year Campaign

    Chilly's; the innovative reusable product brand.


    Paid Media




    147% in conversions compared to the previous year.



    The Situation

    Renowned for its commitment to sustainability, Chilly’s stands as a leader in reusable products, ranging from bottles to cups and food pots.

    Our partnership with Chilly’s since January 2023 has seen collaborative efforts in paid media, ad creative, and data insights. However, in September 2023, Chilly’s offered us a unique opportunity: to lead a fresh campaign for their latest colourways launch, themed around the New Year. Unlike our previous collaborations, where we contributed to concepts, this time, we were granted full creative autonomy over the campaign’s direction and execution, marking an exciting milestone in our partnership with Chilly’s.

    The Brief

    Chilly’s provided us with a concise brief to help inspire and invigorate new and existing customers across Europe for the January launch of their new Series 2 Flip bottle colourways, Endless Horizon and Morning Haze. The campaign aimed to motivate people to adopt a more active lifestyle post-holiday season, positioning Chilly’s products as vibrant essentials for kicking off the new year.

    With a clear focus on the message “This new year hydrate and get active with Chilly’s,” the goal was to connect with both new and existing audiences through a full-funnel integrated campaign across paid media, organic social, CRM, and web platforms. Having worked with Chilly’s since the beginning of the year the creative team had a deep understanding of the brand, and used this to propose the concepts for this multi-channel campaign.

    The Process

    Whilst developing the initial concepts, our creative team explored the art direction inspired by the bottle design. the bottle names, Endless Horizon and Morning Haze, lend themself well to the idea of emerging, and transition. From there the concept developed a narrative about entering into the new year.

    From this theme, it naturally lent itself to the use of a gradient background to mirror the bottle and visibility show the bottles emerging into the scene.

    Our initial experimentation involved exploring various layout options, colour palettes, depth of field techniques, and gradient effects to capture the essence of our theme.

    We were also tasked with developing the campaign messaging. The creative team wanted to ensure we were on track with the campaign’s theme of renewal, whilst also referencing the bottle names.

    The chosen lines were;

    New Mornings. New Horizons

    New Colours. Zero Blues.

    With the creative idea approved by Chilly’s we went into production to capture the final assets.


    Leading up to production, our priority was to ensure that we were focusing on core USPs of the product such as the silent rubber base, sports style flip lid and woven nylon carry loop. This meant ensuring that the products were angled to show these features in their entirety

    Post Production & Asset Creation

    When we moved to post-production we developed a variety of assets tailored for different platforms and mediums. Of which included images and videos for CRM, organic and paid social media, website usage, and translations for the EU market. Additionally, we adapted the key visuals to suit each medium’s requirements, incorporating appropriate messaging and calls-to-action to optimise engagement and brand promotion.


    We utilised our network of content creators to produce user-generated content (UGC) for the campaign. BARK managed the entire process, from writing the scripts to editing the footage for optimal performance on paid media platforms, even finding native speakers in each key market. The script was tailored to emphasise themes of goal-setting, fresh starts, and seasonal relevance. Originally intended for a limited duration, the UGC has seen continued success in platform and it’s run was extended due to the efficiency we were able to drive at scale.

    The Results

    We successfully launched the campaign across multiple markets, including the UK, Spain, Italy, and France. In the UK, our New Year’s Specific campaign achieved remarkable results, driving a significant increase of 147% in conversions compared to the previous year, while also achieving a remarkable 72% reduction CPA.

    Moreover, our strategy and execution directly contributed to the sell-out success of the “Endless Horizon” edition, and some incredible feedback from Chilly’s on the outcomes achieved.

    Reflecting on the project/Looking back at the project, it’s amazing to see how our team started with just two bottles and a simple brief and turned it into a comprehensive campaign that resonated with audiences across multiple regions globally.

    It was a truly collaborative effort that showcased the full spectrum of our creative capabilities, including strategy, copywriting, art direction, photography, photo retouching, design, and the integration of user-generated content (UGC). Beyond the metrics, the project was incredibly rewarding for our team. Looking ahead, we’re excited about the potential for future projects to continue pushing creative boundaries and delivering impactful outcomes for our clients, like Chilly’s.

    The Results

    Conversions YoY


    reduction in CPA

    Successful campaign across multiple markets.

    Focus markets: UK, Spain, Italy, and France.