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    Simplifying Growth Strategies for Complex DTC Brands

    May 03, 2024 |
    Written by:
    Daniel Watts

    You’re fighting a complex battle if you’re a high-growth DTC fashion, beauty or health & wellness brand:

    In fact, any brand with multiple product sets and high SKU counts are battling complexity.

    You’ve got complexity in inventory
    You’ve got complexity in margin
    You’ve got complexity in operations
    You’ve got complexity in new product development
    You’ve got complexity in messaging
    You’ve got complexity in reporting
    You’ve got complexity in forecasting
    You’ve got complexity in acquisition
    You’ve got complexity in retention

    It’ll still be tough, but your growth will be made a lot easier if you:
    > Set distinct targets for new vs existing customer acquisition, reporting on a blended business-wide perspective.
    > Go one level deeper by setting distinct targets within your different product set/margin profiles, reporting on a blended business-wide-per-product-set perspective.

    This will allow you to focus on the things that actually grow your business:
    > Acquiring new customers
    > Profit

    No more making money in one area of the business only for it to be eaten up by another.

    There’s a lot of data management that goes into it (and plug-&-play reporting tools often miss the mark) but properly getting under the skin like this for a fashion brand we work with has helped us help them post 49% growth YoY, and significantly increase their profits.

    That’s what you’re in it for right?

    You can succeed in spite of the complexity, you’ve just got to ensure you’re on top of things a little more.

    Ready to conquer complexity and drive growth? We posted this on LinkedIn – join the conversation.