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    The Silent Killer to Your £5-50M DTC Brand’s Growth

    May 03, 2024 |
    Written by:
    Daniel Watts

    This is probably the biggest silent growth killer inside your £5-50M DTC brand right now. And its cost is not even visible on the P&L:

    Barrier to entry in DTC is at an all time low and brands now need to move fast to survive.

    That means demanding efficiency and streamlining the stakeholders involved in decision-making processes that require speed.

    If you don’t, opportunity cost very quickly turns into real cost.

    Real life example:
    A brand we work with had our core internal contact, plus a Sr Creative, plus a Head of Creative, plus a Head of Ecommerce, plus a Founder all reviewing creative and leaving feedback. Unsurprisingly, often conflicting.

    The result was a mess, you can imagine.

    We respectfully called it out and worked to get a streamlined process in place.

    Once implemented, the amount of creatives we could produce and test for the brand increased dramatically, which directly contributed to an immediate uptick in new customer growth, 36% in this case.

    For a brand >£10m already, that’s noticeable.

    What’s the takeaway?
    > That tiny adjustment that you, subjectively, would want in an ideal world – is holding the business back.
    > That additional team member that you must consult first – is holding the business back.
    > That change to the original plan that you now feel is important – is holding the business back.
    > That extra day you take to respond – is holding the business back.

    It’s never about siloed priorities, it’s about achieving the priorities of the business.

    In 2024, speed is the priority. Could anyone really argue otherwise?

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