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    Unlocking Success – BARK & Meta Partnership with Sahil Jhamb

    Apr 03, 2024 |
    Written by:
    Bark Agency

    See why Sahil Jhamb, Agency Partner at Meta, champions BARK as the clear agency of choice for high-growth DTC brands.

    As one of just six companies globally who are concurrently endorsed by Meta for both our media buying and data science capabilities, you can be confident in our We Do Growth mantra.

    What does our exclusive relationship with Meta mean for you and your brand? Rapid on-demand support, dedicated account management, first mover advantage on the latest ad-tech advancements, a team who are ahead with the latest training, significant advertising credits often into the £10,000+ range, and more. In short, we keep you and your brand ahead.


    “BARK are great at building brands, particularly on Meta, and most importantly, BARK are just great to work with.

    What sets BARK apart in the performance marketing space?

    So BARK are great at building brands, particularly on Meta and that’s because they understand the role of creative in finding the right audiences, in performance they understand the importance of rigorous and strategic testing, and also the ability to lean into our most advanced AI solutions.

    BARK understand that the ads ecosystem is constantly evolving, and that has really increased the emphasis and importance of measurement, testing and reducing ambiguity across where clients should make their investments.

    BARK is very good at cutting through the noise and helping assign value and credit across different platforms accordingly.

    How would you describe the relationship between BARK and Meta?

    The relationship between BARK and Meta is great.

    They are always leaning into our best practice solutions.

    Always keen to try out some of the new products that come on to the market, for example, Instagram reels, ASC, leading into the AI solutions that are increasingly coming through our family of apps, but also they’re just a great team to work with.

    What drives BARK’s approach to testing?

    Every time they test is not for the sake of it, it’s to unlock the secrets of the algorithm to find out which creatives resonate with their audiences, to find out just how fast and how quickly you know, the AI is evolving but also they test because they want to find out what works best for their clients.

    What kind of tests do BARK do?

    There’s two types of testing which BARK do very well.

    One is AB testing, so making quick tactical decisions about, for example, which creatives work well on the platform but also BARK are very good at having strategic conversations with their clients and with Meta, and they measure the strategy through incrementality testing so a really good example is how BARK are increasingly talking about brand.

    And how do they measure brand?

    It’s through doing more full-funnel tests on our platform so they are doing more brand lifts, full-funnel tests, meaning conversion lifts, brand lifts, overlaid.

    These are really sophisticated, really complex tests that equally add tremendous value for their clients and helps diversify spend away from just conversion but also helping articulate and improve the value of upper funnel activity as well.

    What’s the value of creative testing?

    Creative testing is incredibly important because there’s been so much change not only in Meta but across like the advertising ecosystem but we have to, ironically, get more creative about our creative.

    How do we use the videos, the images, the assets to reach the audience where they are?

    And if your creative doesn’t resonate or connect with the audience, they’re not gonna engage.

    So there is a science to creativity, which BARK do quite well, and that is through testing, but also through just making content that really appeals to their target audience.

    It’s nice, it’s good-looking. It’s fun, it’s memorable, and BARK do that very well.

    Has BARK adopted Meta’s latest AI products?

    So BARK have been quick to adopt Meta’s latest AI products, including ASC, including opting into Instagram reels, which has allowed them to reach new audiences, deliver better results for their clients but also tap into more of the automated solutions that we’re increasingly bringing out.

    I’ve always been impressed by how BARK have been leaning to Meta’s best practice solutions, how BARK are always leaning into our AI family of apps, always leading into new opportunities and, most importantly, BARK are just great to work with.”