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    How Creative Testing Is Evolving On Meta

    Apr 23, 2024 |
    Written by:
    Tom Lambert

    You might need to change how you test creative on Meta.

    What has Meta changed?

    Meta has recently announced a big change to their algorithm when it comes to creative delivery and optimisation.

    Now, if your ads are too similar to each other, i.e. you’ve only changed the text in the headline or changed the colour of the background, the Meta system will view them as the same ad and pick one at random to get delivery.

    What does this mean for eCommerce advertisers on Meta?

    As performance marketers, we now need to be aware that the thing that will drive long-term success for you as an advertiser on Meta is creating ads that are significantly different from one another.

    We need to focus on how we can articulate and visualise our product in as many different ways as possible to improve the performance of our ads on Meta as big changes are what will make the most difference.

    Gone are the days of simply testing a different headline to see which drives a better CTR, you now need to leverage different formats (video, static, carousels, etc) and use a different visual style for every ad concept.

    This is something we’ve known for a while and is why we try to encourage brands to test creative that is very different in style from what you’re currently running. This means it’s viewed as a new ad by the Meta algorithm and will be more likely to make a meaningful difference to your performance.

    So how should I test creative now?

    Creative testing is predominantly a volume game still, but the key focus now needs to be on having a wider variety of creative concepts, as opposed to small iterations.

    This means that when you put your ads into a testing campaign, Meta will distribute your budget more evenly across your ads, helping you learn what works much faster.

    Meta putting all of your budget into one ad is a symptom of a lack of creative diversity, so until you’re seeing better spend distribution you need to increase variety.

    Below are some examples of what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to creative iteration: