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    The Overlooked Opportunity for DTC Brands at £5-20m

    Apr 26, 2024 |
    Written by:
    Daniel Watts

    Super simple thing lots of DTC brands stuck at a certain revenue plateau are ignoring right now:

    Quick story.

    We’ve got an incredible client, with an incredible product that happens to be repeat-purchase.

    Here’s what their prospects had to do to become customers:

    • Choose what months they wanted delivery
    • Choose what frequency within those months they wanted delivery
    • Choose between three very closely related, hard to differentiate products on different pages
    • Choose the volume of each product they wanted
    • Choosing the offer they wanted to redeem

    Talk about paradox of choice. No wonder growth was slow.

    Here’s what we did:

    • Push the majority of spend to one hero, best selling, clearest value prop product
    • Remove all choice, leaving just one decision: subscribe on this offer or don’t
    • Pivot pricing to be more closely on par with competition (extremely difficult in this industry to differentiate enough to charge >50% more than direct competitors)
    • Downgraded language on the page, making it so a 10 year old could understand it

    Basically, we just removed the burden of choice for prospects, simplifying everything to build an acquisition engine around what showed promise for the business.

    • They’re profitable!
    • We’re scaling, growing fast again
    • Stock is easier to forecast
    • Cash conversion cycle is dramatically reduced
    • The team’s singing from the same hymn sheet
    • Simplified all operations from web dev through to creative strategy, production, creator sourcing and design
    • The founders are finally excited and have renewed energy

    Simplification is a superpower in DTC growth.

    You need an incredible paid media team – that’s a given – but never forget that they’re amplifying all of your other efforts.

    Find a partner with deep DTC expertise who can help you spot the unique growth challenges that you’re probably too close to the business to see, then lean in.

    Interested in simplifying your DTC growth strategy? Join the conversation on Linkedin or get in touch.