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    Ad Creative

    Maximise The Impact Of Your Creative Testing

    Nov 22, 2023 |
    Written by:
    Daniel Watts

    As a DTC brand, how can you maximise the impact of your creative learnings across your business?

    Our Co-Founders sat down to discuss.

    It’s fascinating to think about the amount of data that a platform like Meta or Tiktok has on its users – you.

    Every piece of content is shown to you in order of what it thinks is going to be most engaging for you. That is what the auction is doing.

    So, whilst there are clear slots for ads, your company’s ads aren’t just at an auction with other advertisers. They’re actually also in somewhat of an auction with the organic content that you consume much more readily.

    The prioritisation of the feed is taking everything from how long you dwell on certain posts, to your likes, to your comments, to what you’re sharing – all while considering other websites you’ve browsed – to inform the content that you see in your feed.

    It’s incredibly manipulative, and it also knows significantly more about you than your close friends and family.

    So, if we reframe things, what you have is a tool that knows what people are interested in better than anyone else ever could, and is constantly honing its knowledge in real time.

    And you, as a brand, have an opportunity to stop trying to force fit a certain narrative and tap into what’s essentially omniscience by starting to show different messages to different people to work things out like:

    • What’s the best way of articulating our brand?
    • What’s most engaging to people?
    • How can I balance what’s engaging with what’s likely to convince someone to buy from me?

    And many more questions.

    And so, in theory, by having lots of different creatives that have very specific, different messages, you can easily test things like different product names, landing page headlines, basic CRO ideas, potential offers and more, to work out how to achieve your specific goal.

    And if you do things in a nice structured way, with clear hold out groups, you can extrapolate those results from your ad account and make informed decisions that will help you improve your overall business very quickly and very cost effectively.

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