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    Paid Media

    How is Ad Strategy evolving?

    Nov 22, 2023 |
    Written by:
    Daniel Watts

    As a DTC brand, how do you get good results with ad accounts today vs what worked 6,12,18 months ago?

    Our Co-Founders sat down to discuss.

    There’s been a big change in the last 18 months, in particular, accelerated by improved privacy for the user – IOS 14.5 fundamentally changed how all major ad platforms do their targeting.

    Now, a lot of the time, it’s very much about consolidating account structures to maximise the data flow per campaign. You need to make sure that the system has enough optimisation events being completed to target people who are most likely to convert for you.

    This applies to both search and social and has meant that essentially the playing field is becoming more and more level over time.

    Advantage+ is a great example of how most people can set up a campaign and get 80% of value from a technical standpoint, by just targeting broad and optimising for the conversion event you care about most.

    That will get you sales in the short term and enable you to verify that paid advertising works for you.

    So, now, the priorities have shifted again – businesses fundamentally need to have good marketers. If you’re going to succeed, you have to be skilled at selling your product, and skilled in the context of the platform you’re selling it on.

    There’s no bullying the auction or tactical hack that’ll compensate for poor marketing.

    More than ever, things have come full circle and you need to have a) a product that appeals to lots of people, and b) messaging – ads and website – that resonate.

    If you want to continue to improve your results and keep your cost of traffic low enough to run a profitable business and ultimately continue to grow, you need to know how to optimise and test effectively on your paid channels.

    And to do that, you need to look increasingly hard at your messaging and your marketing – your content.

    Keep an eye out for another post coming up very shortly that talks about how to do just that.

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