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    How To Grow Your Ecom Brand +48% YoY

    Jan 30, 2024 |
    Written by:
    Daniel Watts

    At BARK we closed out 2023 exceedingly well results-wise for our brands, and shared a Spotify style “wrapped” look-back for them on their transformation for the period. As a quick snapshot:

    • +48% average year-on-year revenue growth for brands that have been with us for over 6 months (variance between 29-500%).
    • Almost all clients had their highest ever revenue days.
    • We’ve consistently launched brands successfully into the US and broader EU markets, and as far afield as Australasia.
    • We produced thousands of new ad creatives for our partners, fuelling their growth.

    These stats come from medium-to-large sized DTC eCommerce companies rather than startups, so this growth is impressive in a very tough year. So how exactly did we do it?

    Six key traits to significantly grow your brand YoY

    Treat your team/service provider as a trusted partner

    Consciously starting here because growth is a team effort, and Brand<->Agency relationships can only function well with trust. You, the brand, have trusted a third party to manage your money and help you grow. We, the agency, have trusted a third party to treat our team well and act on our experience-based recommendations so that you can do so.

    The stakes are high. Brands forego significant revenue, and agencies forego revenue and often reputation if the fit isn’t right. 

    The brands that we can grow the fastest trust us implicitly, and give us everything we need to succeed in helping them do so: their attention, support, feedback, plans, resources, expectations etc. It’s a real partnership. 


    Invest heavily in specialist content

    The barrier to entry across paid media continues to fall, increasingly shining the spotlight on content-led growth as your edge. 

    To capitalise on it, the focus has to be on understanding your customers deeply, then creating high volumes of unique content that speaks to new prospects with similar traits: often, we’re talking 30,40,50+ new assets per product set, per geography per month.

    Creatively, we manage this process for every single one of our fastest growing brands, covering strategy, production, post production and performance analysis on an always-on basis.

    Get bespoke reporting in place

    Your business is different to every other business. Insights dashboards, be-they Data Studio, Triple Whale, Sheets or any other are only as good as you set them up to be. 

    Your naming conventions, SKUs, COGs, shipping rates, database management and more dictate the insights a tool provides. If you’re not on top of all of these things daily, the insights you receive to make business decisions on will be inaccurate, which has a real opportunity cost on your growth. 

    The worst we’ve ever seen is a £35m/year brand who we discovered had been incorrectly calculating their CAC by nearly 25% for two years. A quick look under the hood from someone with a specialist eye will pay itself back 10 fold.

    image of BARK.insights dashboard
    Align on one core KPI

    From your CPCs to your AOVs, distractions are plenty in the world of ecom but all that matters is how many pounds you get back for every pound you spend. 

    A fundamental part of our offering at BARK is breaking down the unit economics of each brand we partner with, in order to properly set acquisition targets to meet their goals.

    Typically for high-growth DTC brands, this ends up being a new customer ROAS target which becomes our joint North Star, informing all other conversations and decisions. Whatever it might be for you and your brand, ensure everyone is aligned.


    Relentlessly focus on what you can control

    To paraphrase Eugene Schwartz, you cannot create demand, you can only channel what existing demand there is onto your particular product. 

    Demand comes in waves: you need to capitalise on it when it’s there, doubling down to make hay whilst the sun shines, but you also need to recognise when it’s not in your favour and not force ad spend in an unreceptive market.

    Each of our client partners trusts us to rapidly increase their budgets when we find how to better channel demand onto their particular products, and to decrease budgets when the market no longer offers it, whether that’s seasonally led or otherwise. Is there a desire to maintain spend at high levels at all times? Yes. But the focus is on what we can control: how to better channel what demand there is, through our marketing.


    Stick the course for a minimum of 6+ months

    If you’re a mid-to-large sized eCommerce brand, rapid growth comes from a combination of lots of little things done well over a period of time. You’re in a different phase of business where overnight hacks to drive hockey stick growth are highly unlikely, and seeking out a partner with this as your benchmark is a recipe for frustration. 

    Better to find a partner with a track record that you can trust, and set your expectations that growth is a process with incremental improvements that stack every day. If you do, you’ll look back in 6-12 months and might find you’ve achieved rapid growth after all.

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