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    Good Ad Strategy for High-Growth DTC brands

    Nov 22, 2023 |
    Written by:
    Daniel Watts

    What does good ad strategy look like for high-growth DTC brands?

    Our Co-Founders sat down to discuss.

    The brands that we see do the best are the ones who are obsessively listening to their customers on all formats, be it comments on their ads, post purchase surveys, reviews, customer support live chat etc.

    The aim is to consistently improve resonance with prospective customers and you do that by taking customer insights and aligning your messaging across your entire business – great advertising doesn’t doesn’t stop at the ad account.

    It can be as simple as listening to what people are telling you they’re most interested in and creating content that speaks specifically to that.

    If you’re getting asked the same questions over and over again, you’re not doing a good enough job of creating certainty in your prospective customers’ minds about your product in some sense, whether in your content or on site – so make it clearer.

    Uncertainty is the enemy of a sale. So you need to fundamentally answer all the core questions people have to put them into a state of trust so they can give you money.

    From a tactical point of view, you’ve got “active” prospective customer insights from comments, reviews, live chat etc, but you can go one step further and get passive insights too:

    Use the cheap reach that you can get on paid ad platforms to get quick insights from prospective customers, and essentially view your ad tests as mini CRO tests.

    There’s a time and place for large statistically significant tests but the reality is you can get info on what sort of things could work pretty quickly, particularly if you’re spending a fair whack.

    If there are clear breadcrumbs you can follow to explore more, you’ve got a fair insight.

    Assess what messaging resonates with people, engages people, and causes people to head to your site with intent, and then translate those learnings onto your website for very quick, rapid fire testing if they’re missing.

    Fundamentally, levelling up your ad strategy all comes back to actively listening to your customers and actually implementing those learnings across the business.

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