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    Scaling Europe's favourite online florist

    Colvin: Europe's favourite online florist


    Paid Search
    Paid Social


    Plants & Flowers


    -64% CAC, +19% conversion rate from paid channels, 1,000+ localised creative assets in 5 languages



    The Situation

    Colvin are Spain’s largest direct to consumer florist, partnering directly with farmers to provide access to sustainable, fresh flowers year-round.

    After a competitive pitch process, Colvin selected BARK to lead their international growth, with a particular focus on scaling their paid search and paid social channels, both from a campaign and end-to-end creative perspective.

    Launching into new territories with campaigns primarily targeting Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany, BARK created full-funnel campaigns across Colvin’s paid media suite, and a significant volume of specialist ad creative, language localised to each region and with culturally relevant ad copy to match.

    laptop at florists

    The Brief

    Scale Colvin’s paid advertising channels in line with investor growth requirements.

    The Approach

    Colvin had a number of issues that were clearly limiting their ability to scale paid channels further. From a poorly set-up data event flow via their Pixel/Conversions API, to fractionalised campaigns, heavily broken down device targeting, limited product catalogue and non-existent workflow for high-performing asset creation.

    There was a huge amount of work undertaken to clean up data signals, test out new campaign structures designed for incremental customer acquisition and create an end-to-end creative workflow that allowed Colvin to understand and iterate on what messaging was driving business results.


    The first agenda point was to get clear creative reporting in place, and create an end-to-end feedback process with Colvin to guide our decisions. Colvin had many stakeholders required to input on creative, but we managed to streamline this process massively saving weeks in turn around times and enabling us to fuel the ad account with relevant, high-performing creative consistently.

    Of the high volumes of creative we produced, all assets were language localised across the core target geographies: Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany.

    Colvin x BARK Multiple Languages

    Aside from language localisation, a core part of the creative strategy was deep research on reasons customers bought from Colvin, and tailoring our prospecting activity with angles that spoke to these different reasons.

    From our customer research, three core buckets emerged that we coined Ease, Fresh and Wow. Ease spoke to the convenience of Colvin, Fresh spoke to the quality of the flowers, and Wow spoke to the recipients’ emotions. 

    Colvin x BARK multiple creative angles image

    Interestingly, we found each value proposition was regarded differently in each country, with Ease, Fresh and Wow responsible for different results in each geography. The findings enabled us to create further iterations for each geography individually, and net new concepts based on the clear data we’d received back.

    This led to us producing over 1,000 new localised creatives for Colvin with a clean feedback loop informing each new asset made for the brand: a fundamental reason we were able to cut acquisition costs and help scale the brand so quickly.

    The Results

    localised creative assets, in 5 languages


    increase to conversion rate from paid channels


    cost per acquisition