Bark.London Proud to be a Facebook Marketing Partner

Digital Marketing Strategy

We know what it takes to build a successful digital marketing strategy for an ecommerce business.

If you’ve got your paid channels covered by an in-house team or an agency you trust, but feel like there is more potential to unlock and don’t know where to start, we can help.

The senior members of our team have spent a combined two decades working at some of the biggest ecommerce startups in the UK and Europe, such as, Simba Sleep, Wonderbly and Just Eat, and have had the privilege of seeing how to implement an acquisition strategy that will drive profitable, sustainable growth for the long term.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established business looking to pivot into ecommerce, we can help you put the foundations in place for long term sustainable growth across a diverse channel mix, while capitalising on the biggest opportunities to drive revenue through acquisition and retention.

Below is a breakdown of the process we typically go through, but if your needs are more specific please do get in touch to see if we can help.


> Audit of your current digital marketing strategy

Our team will assess your marketing mix, looking at everything from your Facebook and Google accounts, to your website and product offering and even your retention strategies to drive repeat purchase.


> Implement robust reporting processes

Accurate, dynamic reporting is at the heart of running a successful ecommerce business. If you don’t know where you are right now, you can’t set effective, realistic KPIs to aim for. 

We can help you implement a reporting structure that will give you the clarity you need to make smart, well informed decisions to grow your business.


> Identify key opportunities for growth

When we have a deep understanding of how your marketing function works, we will be able to identify the key areas that need to be improved in order to maximise the efficiency of your budget and start driving sustainable growth.


> Develop a strategy to broaden your acquisition

Once you have begun to implement a best-in-class set up across all of your current ad platforms, we can start looking at how to diversify your current marketing mix. 

Our team has experience in a wide range of channels aside from Facebook and Google, including CRM (email), Direct mail, Affiliates, Pinterest, Youtube and Snapchat. We can help you identify the best opportunities right now and integrate them into your marketing strategy.