The Situation

Soultime is a meditation app with its roots in Christianity, with the mission of helping Christians around the world cope better with the stresses of modern day life.

Mark Wagner, Founder and CEO, founded the company with the vision of helping as many people as possible really begin to understand themselves in order to help them make real change in their lives. Starting out by volunteering in his church community, he quickly realised the scale of the problem and started work on developing Soultime into a platform that could help Christians around the world look after their spiritual health.

With the meditation app space extremely competitive, Soultime had successfully carved out their own niche and were looking to increase their reach and help more people start meditating on a daily basis.

The Brief

Mark made the decision to move their growth function to Bark.London in order to really begin scaling spend across their performance marketing channels, including Facebook Ads, Google UAC and Apple Search Ads.

The goal when we started in mid 2019 was simply to grow as fast as possible while maintaining the target LTV/CAC ratio.

Our Approach

We did an audit of previous activity to understand what was working, what could be improved and what hadn’t been tested.

We implemented a full account rebuild on all channels and analysed the marketing mix to understand where the value was coming across Facebook, Google UAC and Apple Search Ads and redistributed spend to maximise the efficiency of the overall budget.

On Facebook we changed targeting to increase our reach in the best performing markets and demographics, introduced new creative and tested a wide range of copy in order to maximise efficiency and really speak to our target customer’s needs.

In order to maintain performance on Facebook for the long term, we developed an ongoing creative testing and optimisation process to improve click through rates across the account, improving the efficiency and engagement of our ads.

On Google, we refreshed creative and refined our strategy to focus on our best performing markets, giving the platform the right level of spend in order to maintain profitability on both iOS and Android.

For Apple Search, we analysed historic activity and optimised the spend onto our highest performing keywords, using the channel as a means of mopping up the demand built up on the more awareness focussed channels, Facebook and Google.

The Results

Revenue increased by 385%

230% increase in Acquisition spend while maintaining profitability

180% increase in premium trials from Facebook Ads

Bark are fun to work with - mainly because they know what they're doing! While working with them we have seen our revenues increase significantly whilst maintaining our profitability.
Mark Wagner, Founder & CEO


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