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    My Sunday Ski

    The Perfect Run.

    My Sunday Ski; luxury women's ski wear, accessories & loungewear.


    Paid Media


    Women’s Ski Wear


    +49% growth for the 23/24 ski season.


    My Sunday Ski

    The Situation

    Founded by Ellie Maidment and Cassie Norman in 2018, My Sunday Ski are a mid-sized leader in the luxury women’s skiwear, accessories and loungewear space.

    Known for their iconic, confidence boosting designs with enduring quality and technical enhancements, My Sunday Ski serves both the direct-to-consumer market online and the retail market via an exclusive partnership with Selfridges.

    My Sunday Ski produces designs meticulously thought out by female founders, seamlessly blending fashion and performance to build confidence, provide versatility and enable you to live your best slope to chalet life.

    The Brief

    My Sunday Ski reached out to BARK having been referred to us by a long-standing existing client of ours, Pom Pom London, a mid-eight-figure women’s fashion & apparel brand who also serve both the direct-to-consumer and retail markets globally. Up until this point, My Sunday Ski had relied on fragmented paid media, creative and data teams which caused strategic conflict, operational challenges and hampered growth. Now, the team was seeking an integrated customer acquisition partner, with deep expertise in fast growth for mid-large sized DTC brands, to enhance efficiency and grow sales significantly as the brand prepared to launch their biggest collection to-date.

    The Approach

    Like each brand we support, there were a number of unique strategic challenges we needed to help overcome in order to achieve the required results:

    1. Up until this point, like many other DTC brands, the business had no on-demand, true view for new vs returning customer acquisition costs which left them exposed to over or under investment.
    2. The very nature of the category is highly seasonal, so pulling together a suitable phasing strategy to facilitate scaling was essential.
    3. The brand had invested hard in stock in anticipation of the new collection launch, so we had just one shot to craft an appropriate creative strategy to support the seasonal release and help drive the required stock sell-through.
    Creating clarity for new customer acquisition metrics across the business.

    Fashion brands have a unique set of challenges when it comes to growth. From high SKU count to different margin profiles, getting a robust data set up in place is essential to ensure that before you go hard on any new customer acquisition investment, you’re setting yourself up for growth that is both profitable and serving the business’ operational requirements. Standard plug and play tools like Triple Whale, Lifetimely and the sort don’t cater for each individual brand’s nuanced circumstances, unique categorisation of new customers and more, so a bespoke approach is required.

    Data management, visualisation and interpretation is the unsexy side of ecommerce, but it’s the essential prerequisite for growth that many brands still don’t address. To give the business clarity on all new customer acquisition activity, we exported, cleaned and loaded My Sunday Ski’s data into a custom report, specifically designed for the brand’s unique situation. Thorough data cleaning is an intensive process but this immediately gave us a true and unified view of the business across customer acquisition and retention, and a clear read of the metrics that were required at a business level to facilitate profitable growth for the brand.

    Images not taken from Bark.Insights nor from My Sunday Ski’s data. Purely here for referencing the required level of clarity.

    Timing seasonal investments strategically

    With the core season running from October to March, there’s only a short window to drive awareness and capture demand for the brand. Go too early and you risk impacting the business’ critical cash position, go too late and you risk missing out on crucial sales.

    For fashion brands in particular, it’s imperative your ad account is set up to facilitate your unique business objectives, not just serve the best practise requirements of the ad platforms. By running a number of different analyses for the brand, we revealed clear customer consideration windows and peaks in demand which then enabled us to adapt specific tactical strategies period-by-period in the ad accounts to realise My Sunday Ski’s objectives despite the challenges posed.

    Crafting a creative strategy for collection release success

    What sort and style of creative drives growth changes very quickly in the world of paid media, and we’ve got a team purely dedicated to staying ahead of the curve here for our client partners. For My Sunday Ski, completely revamping creative strategy for the upcoming season was necessary and a core added component was incorporating stock and sell-through requirements given the combination of evergreen and product drops ahead of us.

    My Sunday Ski have a chic, clear aesthetic so overcomplicated or over-engineered creative would detract from the brand they’ve curated. We consciously kept our creative clean, highlighting the variety within their ranges, and focussing on core products, whilst ensuring the assets produced were platform appropriate.

    A brilliant team – true experts in their field and an absolute pleasure to work with. Their creative design and testing, coupled with strategic targeting and data driven approach have helped massively with scaling revenue, whilst always being mindful of our request protect profitability. Couldn’t recommend enough.

    Cassie Norman



    The Results

    growth for the 23/24 ski season.