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Jukes Cordialities

The Situation

World-famous wine taster and writer, Matthew Jukes, has worked in the wine trade for over 30 years but was frustrated with the lack of seriously rewarding, sophisticated non-alcoholic drinks available.

Alongside confidant Jack Hollihan, Jukes spent years carefully developing a series of drinks that do everything that wine does on the nose, palate and finish but without any alcohol involved.

After an exhaustive R&D phase, Jukes created a series of drinks made solely from all natural, self-reproducing vegetables, fruit and natural flavourings, with no waste and employing extremely low calories for even the most discerning palates to enjoy.

The Brief

After a successful PR launch into the UK, Jukes began receiving orders online but sales were heavily reliant on press exposure, and the business had just had their vital retail sales dry up due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Recognising there was a need for a more consistent stream of sales in order to grow the business sustainably, our brief was to test the viability of Facebook & Instagram advertising for the Jukes range, ensuring acquisition costs fell within a tight margin. 

Ultimately, to help the brand launch and acquire customers sustainably online through paid advertising.

The Approach

With a new website recently launched, the biggest leverage point for our success was assessing the site from a conversion optimisation perspective and advising the Jukes team on some fundamental best practices to signal trust whilst improving the customer journey.

From there, our focus turned to product positioning and creating the marketing messages we felt most closely aligned with their customer avatar: ensuring that there was a clear customer we were speaking to in the content and copy for our ads, and that that matched the story, positioning and messaging on-site.

With a blank ad account to launch from, there was no historical data to work with so we implemented a rapid testing process and quickly saw significant trends, enabling us to profitably acquire customers right out of the gate and begin scaling almost immediately.

The Results

Successful online launch into the UK

Achieved sustainable business growth without relying on retail or PR-led sales

1000s of new customers

Successful expansion to the USA

We really enjoy working with Bark - their main goal is to achieve success together. We started running Facebook ads with Bark 4 months after our launch, and we managed to get lots of awareness and conversions on our website. It has helped a lot to establish our brand and while we are still learning and adjusting, it has become a key sales channel.
Maoré Champfleury, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer


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