James Cromwell London

James Cromwell London

We wanted a partner we could trust to grow the business with us - someone who understood brand, strategic creative and data. So we teamed up with Bark.London and haven’t looked back since.

They aren’t just the best ad-buyers we’ve ever come across, they understand the full performance marketing eCommerce picture which is the missing piece.

Our sales have significantly increased since starting with Bark and as a business we’re achieving consistent and sustainable growth for the brand.

I can’t recommend the team highly enough. Thank you guys. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!
Ben Boon, Co-founder


Established in 2017 by childhood friends, Benjamin James Boon and Harry Cromwell Griffiths, James Cromwell London takes a more tailored approach to men’s swim shorts.

The James Cromwell brand was built upon British heritage and delivers both stylish and contemporary products of the highest quality, with unique prints and dedication to detail.


Having used a previous partner for digital advertising, James Cromwell London were left wanting and decided to move their Paid Social function to Bark.London.

With a brand built on a combination of online sales and high-end retreats, the goal was clear: scale their online direct to consumer arm to quickly grow the brand.


James Cromwell London initially invested our digital offering, Startup Accelerator, so they had the keys to the kingdom for running their ad account. Then, when it made sense for the business, we took over the reins.

In a crowded space, brand and product positioning were key. We worked closely with the James Cromwell London team to increase the perceived value of the products, improve website conversion rates and put together an effective customer acquisition offer strategy to ensure their advertising was mathematically geared for success.

Having rebuilt the Facebook ad account, written new copy and received the creative assets we’d briefed in, we re-launched in the UK.

The Results

145% increase in conversion rate

27.5x increase in online store revenue

Successful re-launch into UK. Launch into Europe and Australasia

Consistent customers, profitability at scale


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