The Situation

Baby2Body is a health and wellbeing coaching app for pregnancy and motherhood.

Founder and CEO Melinda Nicci (Best High Growth Woman Founder 2019 – UKBAA) launched the company in 2015 after finding that offerings for pregnancy fitness and wellness simply didn’t exist in the digital health space.

The app features workout plans and daily exercises, tailored to what stage you are in the pregnancy cycle, as well as sections for new mums up to three years. There are also guided meditations and hacks, food plans and blog posts on all things parenting.

With thousands of users around the world and at the forefront of the pregnancy wellness movement, Baby2Body is one of the most exciting startups in the UK today.

The Brief

Baby2Body founder, Melinda Nicci, made the decision to move their growth function from in-house to agency in order to maximise their resource internally and tap into specific expertise in Paid Social, the business’s main growth lever.

The goal when we started in March 2019 was to do the “double, triple, double”, which is to 2x, 3x, 2x, revenue growth in consecutive years, whilst maintaining their target LTV/CAC.

This was an ambitious target, but we were up to the challenge.

Our Approach

> We did an audit of previous activity to understand what was working, what could be improved in terms of targeting and creative, and built out a roadmap with a focus on tests that would provide the largest return on time invested.

> We implemented a full account rebuild on Facebook, changing targeting and creative in order to maximise efficiency and scale, allowing us to increase reach in the best performing markets with a significant focus on the US.

> We built out the Apple Search Ads account to maximise keyword coverage whilst still driving profitable installs from non-brand terms.

> We launched Google UAC campaigns with bespoke creative to maximise coverage and performance across all placements, using creative insights from high performing ads across other channels.

> We analysed the marketing mix to understand where the value was coming across Facebook, Google UAC and Apple Search Ads and redistributed spend to maximise efficiency of the overall budget.

> Working with the Baby2Body in-house design team, we developed an ongoing creative testing and optimisation process to improve click through rates across the account, improving the efficiency and engagement of our ads.

> We also worked closely with the Baby2Body team to ensure the MMP setup was implemented correctly, with conversion events being accurately passed back to all ad platforms ensuring clean data for optimisation.

The Results

2x year on year revenue growth

Increased premium trials 180% year on year

Decreased cost per app install by 25%

Improved efficiency of acquisition budget by 33%


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