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I'd recommend working with Bark because their communication and involvement is second to none. We worked with them to launch a brand new business and had no idea of how ads worked. They took care of it all. Great to work with and wonderful humans.
Andy Coxon, Cofounder

The Situation

Akt is a premium natural skincare brand founded by London West End performers Ed Currie and Andy Coxon, who couldn’t find a deodorant that stood up to the demands of stage life, let alone a natural one.

Their first product, The Deodorant Balm, is tried, tested and approved by hundreds of their performing contemporaries, and now endorsed by the likes of Vogue who label it as their #1 deodorant. 

All of Akt’s formulations are made in the UK, hand poured, and packed into their signature, vibrant, plastic-free packaging. It’s deodorant that is “born to perform”. 

The Brief

After a successful kickstarter campaign, Akt had proof of concept and rave reviews. The brief was simple: help the business launch direct-to-consumer on a subscription model via paid advertising to quickly establish the brand for scale.

The Approach

With absolutely no ad account or website data to go on, it was crucial we focussed on understanding who the Akt customer is or potentially could be and devise a test plan to help us answer questions around that.

We went deep into kickstarter customer surveys, avatar creation, suggesting website CRO improvements, product pricing strategies, positioning and competitor analysis across the full funnel.

This enabled Akt to mitigate almost all of the typical costly start-up ecommerce mistakes, and enabled us to request specific creative and craft compelling copy that was highly likely to resonate with prospects out of the gate.

We ran an initial on-site email capture campaign for the pre-launch period to build the database, create anticipation and begin the process of ad testing on a low scale, providing indicative data to riff off come launch time.

Come launch, we had a pool of relevant, interested prospects who we could serve ads to. 

But more importantly, we now had a solid understanding of the sort of content that was likely to attract and help convert completely cold prospects, which is where the majority of our daily budget was spent and the majority of our purchases came from.

The Results

Profitable customer acquisition from day 1

Acquired thousands of new customers

Helped establish Akt as the UK’s go-to DTC premium natural deodorant brand

Set the business up with a scalable paid customer acquisition system to facilitate future growth


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