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How To Turn The Comments On Your Ads Into Sales

Written by Daniel Watts

It’s easy to launch some ads → look at the results → optimise, and forget that for each unique impression there’s a person behind the screen.

Someone actually reacting to your content with opinions and questions about your products.

More often than not, those opinions and questions provide an insight into the prospect’s decision making process: why they would or wouldn’t buy from you.

Sometimes, people comment with frustrations, hesitations or just to let you know what they love – quite literally telling you how you can better market your product.

But if you aren’t spending time looking at the feedback prospective customers are giving you in the comments, then actioning that feedback, you’re leaving money on the table.


A fashion brand we work with used a discount code as part of their acquisition strategy. But in order to redeem the offer, two additional products needed to be added to cart for inventory tracking purposes even though they were free.

Within 48 hours a comment popped up on one of our ads which was essentially a vent at not being able to work out how to redeem the offer. And if there’s one person with an issue there are usually more.

So we asked the client to add a simple 3 step bullet point to the info section on the product page which walked through how to redeem the offer, even though hundreds of others were already successfully using it.

Fashion Brand CRO Improvements

It’s not the prettiest design in the world. But conversion rate increased noticeably overnight and because they were at scale the revenue uplift was significant.


We wanted to do two things with Tonies – a large international direct to consumer eCommerce brand we’ve been supporting for about a year now.

  1. Get feedback from existing customers on what they liked about the product the most. This would enable us to build a stack of new marketing angles to test.
  2. Build up a suite of assets with an overwhelming amount of social proof talking about how great the product was. In turn, we could then serve that ad to people who weren’t yet customers to help get them across the line.

To do this, we set up an engagement campaign across Facebook & Instagram targeting existing customers only, presenting them with the below ad.

Tonies x Bark.London Blog

Immediately comments started pouring in.

Tonies x Bark.London Blog 2

Not only could we then take these insights and begin brainstorming how to translate them into effective marketing angles, but we could take this ad – with all its social proof – and begin serving it to prospects who haven’t bought from us yet.


Having an asset where customers are doing the selling for you is far more compelling than just saying “look how great we are”.


> Look at your comments to quickly address any questions or hesitations prospective customers have.

> Use the comments to spot issues like customer service response time or shipping issues etc, then plug the problem before it starts to filter through to your on-site reviews.

> Farm comments for creative and ad copy ideation purposes.

> Launch ads to your existing customers then serve that content with compelling social proof to cold prospects.

Try this for yourself and let me know if you put it into practise. Shoot me an email on, and sign up to our growth newsletter here if you want more eCommerce tips and industry insights.


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