Bark.London Proud to be a Facebook Marketing Partner
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Bark.London Awarded Premium Facebook Partnership Status

Written by Daniel Watts

“Congratulations, you’re now a Premium Agency Partner”

Back on the 21st January 2019, we incorporated Bark with 1 core aim: let’s help businesses grow. 

Two years on to the day, it’s almost eerie to have that mission statement endorsed by one of the largest companies in the world. 

Premium Facebook Partner status is the highest partnership that can be awarded to an agency.

It’s formal recognition of best in class ad management and our ability to drive real growth for the businesses we partner with. 

In short, it validates our aim to “help businesses grow” and gives it a big fat seal of approval.

It also places Bark.London in a coveted position as one of the top Facebook marketing agencies worldwide, offering a host of benefits to our team to further improve the support, insights and results we can offer & achieve for our clients. 

A nice little feedback loop indeed.


> Faster issue escalation

> Access to the latest platform features to improve performance

> Technical, Solutions Engineering, Creative, Measurement Research and Marketing Science consultations directly with Facebook  

> Up to 10% of your ad spend back for free: ad credits automatically applied to your account up to the value of $10,000 per quarter, per ad account


> More contact time with Facebook

> More insights from their product teams directly

> More forewarning and assistance navigating platform changes

> Faster and more senior support

> Advanced training and events

> More access to analytical tools & reports

> Ability to subsidise our clients’ ad campaigns


In reality, as much as this is a genuinely huge milestone for the team to have achieved at any stage – let alone so early on – and as much as we’ve been encouraged to shout and scream about it, our fundamental service offering will not change. 

Yes, our clients and team will benefit greatly from the perks but our focus has always been to create the best, most supportive and stimulating environment for our incredible team.

So that, in turn, we can continue to achieve our core aim together: help businesses grow.

Premium status simply enables us to better facilitate that for our team and the businesses we partner with. And makes us wonder where the next two years might take us…

In the meanwhile, thank you for reading and celebrating this achievement with us. 

If you’d like to talk about growth (we also offer Google PPC, Analytics, Forecasting, Attribution & Strategy), please get in touch and we’d love to see if we’re the right people to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re looking for a new job in performance marketing at any level, please also get in touch. Our careers page isn’t always up to date, we’re constantly hiring great people and we’d love to hear from you. Recommendations are very welcome and compensated too.


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