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5 Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing

Written by Daniel Watts

The digital space is getting more and more competitive. What once converted customers like crazy no longer does. Here are 5 tips you can use to improve your digital marketing, acquire customers more cost-effectively, increase front end ROI and maximise customer lifetime value (LTV).


Video is a great form of marketing. Done well, they are super engaging and help people connect with you and your brand, more than just a static image can.

Now there’s a place for static images and we’re actually seeing them convert incredibly well at the moment, but incorporating video into your marketing message is a powerful tool for engagement, brand equity and familiarity – crucial to move prospective customers from the “awareness” stage to the “buyer” mindset.

With video, make sure you upload them to each social network separately. Don’t upload to YouTube then link from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn to that one video. You’ve got to remember that each platform is designed to keep their users on there as long as possible, and linking out to another platform reduces time on site – not what they want.

As a final pointer, make sure you’ve got call-to-actions (CTAs) in your video and in the copy that accompanies it. It’s crazy how many businesses release high production, engaging video content but fail to get the viewer to act, purely because they’ve failed to give any closing direction or CTA! Don’t be like those businesses…


Simply put, a funnel is the journey your customer takes from not knowing your brand right through to purchasing. Most businesses have a funnel in place, whether they know it or not, but often have holes in their online sales process that leaves money on the table, results in untapped ROI and reduces Lifetime Value (LTV).

If you want to take your funnel to the next level, it’s crucial you start implementing up-sells and down-sells at the point of purchase. Did you know, the best time to offer someone to buy something from you or your brand is immediately after they’ve just bought?

Sounds counterintuitive – why would someone buy again after they’ve just bought what they want, right? It all comes down to buyers’ psychology: after a purchase, the buyer has their guard down; they’ve just overcome the main mental buying hurdle and committed to purchasing from you. In short, they’ve decided they trust you.

This period of relaxed guard only lasts for a few minutes at its peak and slowly comes back into play the longer it’s left, so it’s crucial you capitalise on it immediately if you want to maximise ROI and customer LTV.

How? Use tools like SamCart, ClickFunnels or Zipify OneClickUpsell (if you use Shopify) to seamlessly offer customers complimentary products at the point of sale and immediately after purchasing in the form of order-bumps, up-sells and down-sells.

Click here for a discount on Zipify OneClickUpsell to increase your ROI and LTV.

The beauty of tools like these are the customer doesn’t have to re-enter their card details. They simply decide whether they want to take you up on your offer or not, click “add to order” or “no thanks” and that’s it.

Simple as that. Typically our clients see a 10% increase in revenue just by implementing a simple post purchase funnel like this, and it’s free otherwise untapped ROI that enables you to advertise more and scale harder.

As marketing gets more expensive, order-bumps, up-sells and down-sells are becoming increasingly important and regardless of your size you should be using them.


It doesn’t matter how big you are, your brand can always reach more people. One of the best ways to do that is get in front of other people’s audiences through guest posting and podcasting.

Typically, as you secure more guest features, you’ll be able to leverage those to secure bigger features. And bigger features = more social proof for your brand.

Consumers research businesses before purchasing more than ever before, so social proof is key if you want to maximise conversions! Release content on other respected sites and you’ll increase brand value, start getting more visitors to your site and secure more sales.


You used to be able to build a business off one tactic. Facebook itself built their business around encouraging you to invite every one of your friends to join the platform, but that wouldn’t work so well any more – people are used to it, and many other similar approaches as well.

If you really want to scale, you have to have an omni-channel approach to digital marketing, from Facebook to Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) to Email to Growth Hacking. Leverage them all in tandem and you’ll get better results.

Typically the companies we help set up an omni-channel approach find that as one channel improves so do the others. Think of it a bit like an upward spiral: start attracting the right traffic to your site from discovery platforms – Facebook, Instagram etc. – and you’ll see an uptick in search volume, which will aid your PPC. In turn, you’ll collect more email subscribers which will feed your autoresponder.

Get it? More on this in this blog post, Facebook Analytics vs Google Analytics.


Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is a thing – a real thing – but far too many businesses overlook some simple steps to help their customers purchase from them.

If you are worried about your conversion rate – how many people actually purchase from you based on how many site visitors you get – use tools like Hotjar to view what your site visitors are doing when they hit your website. View heat-maps and even see screen recorded video of what’s caught their attention and where they click off. Don’t worry, it’s all legally compliant and you’ll never see their personal details, which are safely blurred.

It’s a simple thing but you can also use tools like LeadPages, or popups to collect emails so you can own the traffic, rather than constantly having to pay to get in front of the same prospect.

Integrate these with an autoresponder and you’re passively nurturing prospective customers and leading them one step closer to purchase.

Another great tool is subscribers . com which enables you to generate push notifications through prospect’s browsers, getting them to come back and eventually convert. Remember, it takes time to warm people up from being cold traffic, to brand aware, to purchasing.

That’s why most sites don’t even see 1-2% of visitors turn into a customer – there’s no customer nurturing journey because once they’re off the site they’re gone for good.


Digital marketing is changing so rapidly and more businesses are taking performance marketing seriously as its value becomes increasingly critical to success online.

Begin nurturing your prospective customers properly, redesign and implement an effective sales funnel from the consumers’ point of view that has ROI and LTV in mind, stay on top of the changing trends and think smart if you want to up your digital game.

Or, simply ask the tight-knit team of specialists at Bark.London to do it all for you.

At Bark.London, properly growing businesses online is what excites us most. Let us worry about it all for you, so you can get back to focusing on being a business-owner. Contact us.

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